"The greatest virtue is given in the type of image that is arbitrary to the highest degree, the one that takes the longest time to translate into practical language, either because it contains an immense amount of seeming contradiction or because one of its terms is strangely concealed.”                             
                                                            - Andre Breton   

Brent Wahl is a multi-media artist working primarily with photography, installation, and time-based media. Through the use of ephemeral materials, he fabricates three-dimensional structures in which the varying subject matter moves through contextual, optical, and spatial shifts.

Brent was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Columbia, SC. Moving to New York in 1990, he resided there until 2004, when he moved his studio to Philadelphia. Brent also teaches courses in the photography department as well as 2D and 3D courses in the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania.

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