My mother is a biologist, my step-father was a botanist / incidental inventor, and my biological father was a musician turned theologist – it is no surprise that I love the notion of transdisciplinary thought. Always striving to push away from comfort zones, I keep this form of curiosity close in my work.

Using ephemeral materials and ambiguity, I fabricate three-dimensional structures, where the varying subject matter moves through contextual, spatial, and optical shifts. My recent work juxtaposes human-made objects and natural objects, complicating meaning both in and outside of the image. I strive to stage questions about collective identity, our relationship to reality, and how we frame our existence in the universe.

Born in Wisconsin, I grew up in Columbia, SC. Moving to New York in 1990, I mostly resided there until 2004, when I moved my studio to Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania, where I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge with a younger generation.

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